Since “ found it” technology VoIP ( Voice Over IP) a few years past, a few years then, precisely around year of 1999 an radio amateur of English G7WFM the application of this technology to joint communications radio with internet. And this become genesis “ admission” of amateurish world into internet world that is then is recognized by the name of eQSO.

Our relative in ORARI has beforehand does experiment with this eQSO in Indonesia to connect some repeater with internet.


A few moments then, a member of RAPI of RIAU ( but domicile in Jakarta) JZ04EPW OM DENY, defins this eQSO to member of milist indonesian-citizens-band@yahoogroupscom and gets greeting enough hilarious from member milist. Then he(she does experiment by using his PC in housing that is incircuit with internet to be made as RF gateway and connects repeater BOGOR 143550. Hence from situlah, term e10-25 utilized to replace term eQSOTeknologi this e10-25, like the one has been mentioned upper is exploiting of technology VoIP to be utilized in connecting communications radio with internet

To make PC in order to become a RF Gateway to a repeater, required a software eQSO and a sound card attached in PC, beside koneksi internet and communications radio ( HT, RIG) along with interface connecting PC with radio. Radio that is incircuit with PC in set to be able to communicate with the repeater.

With existence of this RF Gateway Repeater, an example takes example RF Gateway attached in Jakarta and in set at frequency repeater BOGOR ( 143550), hence a netter from state it doesn’t matter, so long as having koneksi internet and installs software eQSO at its(the PC equiped by mic and speaker, can do 10-25 with friends breaker in JABODETABEK using facility repeater BOGOR.

That way on the contrary, if there is a station radio personal which wish to make its(the PC as gateway causing friends in his(its local earns 10-25 with other station that incircuit with internet, required a communications radio that is incircuit with PC becoming gateway.

So, friends in local place of personal radio halting point ( in my diagram examplize Jakarta) earns ber 10-25 with friends that is incircuit with repeater DURI RIAU because in DURI RIAU our friend, JZ04EPW has made RF Gateway which incircuit with repeater DURI-RIAU.

Seen from the configuraton, enabled a breaker in Jakarta earns ber 10-25 with friend sesame breaker in Papua is working for frequency VHF, even not only in Papua but in other state with mengunakan e10-25Secara outline can be depicted advantage and disadvantage to apply this e10-25.
Advantage :

*  not imbued with of propagasi. As we know that propagasi in radio amateur world especially HF ( high frequency) be important determinant. any Segede power RF, as good any is construction antenna and as sophisticated as any is peripheral, if propagasi again closes mean activity of ngebreak cannot be done and desisted reachs situ.

*  communications radio is not absolute needed to to earns ngebreak. With PC terkoneksi by internet equiped by mic and speaker and terinstall software this e10-25, hence someone ngebreak has with equipments of PC owned by it is without having to buys a communications radio.

*  can connect the breaker VHF in various places which during the time not possibly is done by geographical factor. For example, a breaker in Jakarta can do 10-25 with friends in DURI uses frequency VHF.

Loss :

*  factor delay. Like experience of me a few last days uses this e10-25, to do 10-25 by using e10-25 is required high patience. Caused by delay which is rather bothering for which has not accustomed. Side that, enough difficult to come into repeater is being multitude, because software this e10-25 requires really silent frequency to be able to do transmit.

*  required koneksi broadband internet. Actually all types koneksi internet can be applied, but to be able to do koneksi internet continually because of PC applied is functioning as gateway hence koneksi absolute broadband is required, beside reason of cost which more economic if using koneksi broadband ( compared to dial-up).

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